Shorten Treatment Time for Braces!

Did you just get braces and already looking forward to sporting your new, straighter smile? Are you close to getting your braces off and have an upcoming event you would like them off for? Follow these simple tips below, and you could be on your way to a shorter treatment time.

  1. Keep your appointments and come on time.

There are only a handful of Orthodontists in each region which means our calendars fill up fast. Making all of your appointments and being on time (especially for longer procedures) ensures we don’t lengthen the treatment time. Those early mornings will pay off soon!

  1. Break bad habits so you don’t break your appliances.

We all have mindless and harmless habits you don’t really notice; that’s until you get braces! You wanted to stop chewing on your pencils and stay away from candy anyways, now is the time to do that. Once you get braces, try to avoid these common bad habits:

  • Crunching on Ice
  • Chewing on Pens and Pencils
  • Eating Sticky or Hard Foods
  • Big Bites of Food (i.e. apples, meats, handfuls of crackers, etc.)
  • Picking at Your Teeth

  1. Wear your elastics and appliances as instructed.

Each bracket, band, and wire has a job to do! Follow instructions from your Orthodontist and their staff to ensure your teeth move properly and on time.

  1. Proper Oral Hygiene.

Keeping our focus on designing your new smile and not unhealthy teeth and gums will increase your chances of getting your braces off sooner than expected. If oral hygiene declines, we may slow or even stop treatment so our patient can mend any damage. We also recommend you keep going to your Dentist for cleanings at your regularly scheduled times.

Every Orthodontic case is different from person to person, so speak to your Orthodontic office to ask about additional tips you can follow to improve chances of early removal. Click