Braces-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are fast approaching and people all around Concord are preparing for various family celebrations.  Every family has their own traditions, but one of the most popular Christmas conventions is the filling of brightly colored stockings with treats and goodies.  In fact, it can be just as fun to fill a stocking as it is to open one!  There are, however, some family members who require a little extra thought when purchasing their stocking stuffers.

While you’re searching the shelves to find items to fill the stockings of your loved ones, Dr. Vermette would like to remind you not to forget those family members with orthodontic appliances and Invisalign aligners.  As we all know, there are many sugary holiday treats that ar not only unhealthy but can be detrimental for braces.  Keep reading to find out what we here at Vermette Orthodontics suggest for your Christmas stockings this year!


Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

The best gift an orthodontist can recommend is, not surprisingly, a toothbrush!  Add a fun toothbrush or new kind of toothpaste to get children extra excited about brushing their teeth.  You could also consider upgrading to an electric toothbrush.  The novelty of a special toothbrush may not last forever, but it will help to encourage them to keep brushing their teeth throughout the busy, treat-filled days until the New Year.  There are several options for toothbrushes for kids.  Look for ones with cartoon characters, glow-in-the-dark abilities, and some even play music.  Toothpaste also comes in different varieties that kids will find enjoyable as well!

Healthy, Braces-Friendly Treats

Who doesn’t love to get sweets in their stocking?!  Chocolate, candy canes and other sugary treats abound over the holiday season, so it’s always a good idea to know what to avoid when shopping for family members with orthodontic appliances.  To be on the safe side, just stick to soft chocolates that don’t include nuts or caramel!

Creative Alternatives

Who says stockings need to be filled exclusively with candy?!  This is an opportunity to be creative with your stocking stuffing.  Find fun, unique ways to wrap small gifts to place in their stockings.  For instance, stop into our office in Concord, pick up a Vermette Ortho t-shirt and stuff it into a small jar or tin.


Shopping for those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment shouldn’t have to add stress to your holiday preparations.  It’s actually a perfect opportunity for you to get creative and find fun alternatives to the usual stocking stuffers.  It will also allow you to find more personal gifts that will have more of an impact, and carry a stronger sentiment for the one receiving them!

From the Vermette Orthodontics family to yours, have a fun, safe holiday season!