Visiting the Orthodontist- No Referral Needed!

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for your dentist to refer your child to an orthodontist?!  Parents are often the first to recognize that something isn’t quite right with their child’s teeth or jaws.  Most parents assume that their dentist is aware of the problem, and that they will make a referral to an orthodontist when it’s the right time.  A referral might not happen if the dentist is not monitoring or documenting changes to the bite.  Like most orthodontists, Concord orthodontist, Dr. Michael Vermette does not require a referral from a dentist in order to make an appointment.

Dentists are looking at the overall health of the teeth and mouth.  He or she, as well as the hygienist, are looking at how well the patient is brushing and flossing, or if there are cavities.  They may not be studying how the upper and lower teeth come together.  There may also be spacing issues that they may not be making note of.  These things are an orthodontist’s specialty!

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children get their first check-up with a board-certified orthodontist no later than the age of 7.  Children have a mix of baby and permanent teeth around this age.  An orthodontist is uniquely trained to evaluate children’s growth as well as the exchange of baby teeth for permanent teeth.  Orthodontists are expertly qualified to determine whether a problem exists, or if one is developing.

Here at Vermette Orthodontics, we offer an initial exam at no cost and no obligation.  If your child is not ready for orthodontic treatment they will become part of our “7 & Up Kids’ Club”, which includes periodic, complimentary evaluations to assess their growth and development.  This will ensure that orthodontic treatment can begin at the exact right time and give your child their best smile!