Choosing the Best Manual Toothbrush

When you get ready to buy a manual toothbrush, do you feel overwhelmed by the different choices?

Do you wonder whether it’s worthwhile to pay extra for certain features, or does a cheaper toothbrush get the job done just as well?

What criteria really matters when selecting the best manual toothbrush?

If you are concerned about your dental health and want to make sure that you have the best product possible to care for your mouth and gums, then keep reading to find out what we here at Vermette Orthodontics recommend!

Three Things You Should Consider When Buying a Manual Toothbrush:

  1. Not all bristles are created equal- Hard vs. soft.  Which do you choose?  For healthier gums, Dr. Vermette recommends finding a brush that has soft bristles to reduce the amount of damage to your gums.  Brushes with angled bristles will help you clean better around brackets and wires.
  2. The toothbrush head- Which size is best?  A smaller toothbrush head is easier to maneuver around the mouth and clean better around orthodontic appliances.
  3. Get a grip- As with the other parts of the toothbrush, the handle should be one that is comfortable and easy for you to hold firmly. You may prefer one with a no-slip grip handle. Slightly curved handles or flexible handles may be better than straight ones at getting to difficult-to-reach places.

At Vermette Orthodontics we pride ourselves on making overall oral health our number one priority.  We will review with you, in detail, how to thoroughly clean around your bands, brackets and wires on the day your braces are placed.  Rest assured that we will set you up for success, no matter which toothbrush you choose!  Happy brushing!