Father’s Day Thoughts

As an orthodontist, I have the privilege of working with patients of all ages and I love that. I love the way we get to be a regular part of people’s lives while they’re in treatment. Of course, lots of my patients are kids and nothing makes me feel better than when a kid who was a patient in our practice gets inspired by what they see and chooses a career in the orthodontic profession – like our Chairside Assistants, Katie and Ashley. In fact, my own son who is preparing to follow in my footsteps and, as many of you know, my Dad was a dentist and I followed in his footsteps too.

Father’s day is this Sunday…the 19th, and I’m feeling grateful for my terrific patients, my amazing wife and my awesome kids. I know not everyone feels this way about their job and family, but my hope for you this Father’s day is that you’ll get the chance to make your Dad, or someone in your life, feel special. In my experience, doing something for someone else is the best gift you can give yourself.

Father’s day has been celebrated as far back as 1910, but became an “official” holiday in 1966. Today, it’s common to give dad a tie or maybe some kind of power tool. You could also surprise him with a break from mowing the lawn. The simple things in life can put a smile on his face and trust me, I know from experience, making people smile feels great.

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