Getting A Gold Star (Or Maybe Five)

These days it seems like good customer service can be pretty hard to find. Whether you’re stopping for coffee on the way to work, having dinner out, or working with a professional, don’t you often feel like it’s all about them and you’re kind of a nuisance? It happens too often and, for me, every time I experience that kind of service, it strengthens my resolve to go above and beyond for the patients and patient-families we serve.

When our patients tell me they love that we run on time or they really appreciate the way a member of the team was sensitive to their needs and, as a result, delivered great service, that feels really good. I expect that kind of commitment from every member of my team and I always try to lead by example. If we ever hear from a patient that someone on the team missed the mark, we talk about it to make it a learning moment for everyone and to make sure we do better the next time.

If you’re a Vermette Orthodontics Patient or the parent of a patient, and you ever feel like we didn’t deliver “gold star” customer service, I hope you know you can speak with me or anyone of us about it. We really would appreciate that. As a team, we learn from each other’s successes and failures. I’m very proud of the team and all the 5-star reviews patients have left online for us. After all, we’re your neighbors and taking great care of you is our business.

If you haven’t shared your Vermette Story and would like to, it’s easy. Just click on the “Review Us” button at the bottom of this page. If you don’t have a confident Vermette Smile yet, give us a call. We’d love to meet you.