Got braces? You're not alone!

The time has come, and you have either just had your braces put on or are contemplating getting started.  Yes, we could tell you things like “you’re not alone”, and “lots of people get braces!” And even though everywhere you look, there are many people also going through orthodontic treatment, you may still feel alone on this journey.

To help you feel a little better about your decision to undergo orthodontic treatment, we here at Vermette Orthodontics have put together a list of celebrities who have also made the decision to achieve a better smile either with braces or Invisalign treatment!

Gwen Stefani wore braces as an adult.  She told the media that she was wearing them as a fashion statement.  Beyonce also decided to wear braces by choice in order to support her fans who felt self-conscious about having to wear them.  Other celebrities include Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Faith Hill and even Prince Harry!

So whether you are a young person or teen who has been told that you need braces, or an adult that is looking to improve your smile, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good company and that a whole host of well-known celebrities have been through the same experience.  Who knows, you may even become a local Concord celebrity with your beautiful new smile!