How Good Dental Health Can Help You Lose Weight

The connection between excess weight gain and increased gum disease and tooth decay has been common knowledge for years. Periodontal disease, which is caused by poor oral hygiene, is one of the most common sources of inflammation. People with the highest inflammatory agents in their body are more likely to gain weight.

With this knowledge, everyone who wants to lose some extra poundage should also be setting goals for a healthier mouth and stepping up their oral hygiene routines. Below are some quick tips on how you can get started.

Brush and Floss

  • Nothing tastes good after you brush your teeth with minty toothpaste. When you feel a craving, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. The typical craving only lasts a few minutes and should subside by the time you are finished getting to the bathroom, brushing, and getting back to what you were doing.
  • One way to prevent periodontal diseases such as gum inflammation is by introducing floss to your daily routine. Floss gets between the teeth where even the best toothbrushes can’t reach.

Eat Healthier (Obviously!)

  • Diet is an extremely influential factor of your oral health. Eliminating foods that can cause decay is a sure way to promote a healthier mouth. Here are some foods and drinks high in sugar and acidity we should try to avoid or consume less of:
    • Bubbly (carbonated) drinks
    • Energy drinks
    • Breads
    • Candy
    • Coffee
    • Juices (eat the actual fruit instead)
  • Cutting out these foods will undoubtedly promote a healthier mouth along with increasing your chances of more positive results in trying to lose that extra fluff.
  • Adding apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to detox drinks has become a popular weight loss strategy. If you are doing this, just know that both are highly acidic. Plan to drink with a straw and chase it with a neutral or alkaline liquid like water or milk.

Curb or Quit Bad Habits

  • Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. Not only does it lead to poor oral health but there are minimal to NO health benefits and proven to cause many other health issues (e.g. diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.).
  • You can start chewing sugar-free gum (if you don’t have braces) to get your oral fix. Replace the need for something between your fingers with one of those Fidget Spinners. You can find them on Amazon for as low as $2.


If you follow all of these tips, not only will it assist with your weight loss goals but it will give you a brighter smile. If you have small children, now is a great time to set a good example and develop routines and traditions they can carry with them through the rest of their lives.

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”

Tom Wilson