I hate my overbite!

I don’t like my overbite!  Do I have to wear headgear?

No worries!  Vermette Orthodontics can help, we have been correcting overbites for over 35 years.  Dr. Vermette is the only Board Certified Orthodontist in the Concord, NH area and is an expert in providing beautiful smiles via comfortable treatment.

Patients with an overbite generally have small looking chins.  The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth because the growth of the upper jaw has outpaced the lower jaw.  When the patient closes, the lower jaw is pushed back making the chin look small.  This may not be the ideal profile for the patient.  Additionally, the lower teeth quite often impinge on the soft tissue of the upper jaw, right behind the front teeth.  This is not a healthy bite.

Due to advancements, we are treating increasing numbers of adults with overbites.  Also, insurance coverage has improved and patients report an easier process than expected.  The results are beautiful.

Come see us to find out how we can solve all of these issues.  And we can do it headgear free!  Your overbite will be corrected in a much more comfortable and aesthetic way.  Invisalign may be an option also.