National Facial Protection Month


Many sports injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate protective gear.  April is National Facial Protection Month and Dr. Vermette would like to remind athletes, their parents and coaches to play it safe by wearing mouth guards and appropriate protective gear when participating in activities that could cause injuries.

Athletes who wear braces should consult with their orthodontist for a recommendation of the best mouth guard to wear during orthodontic treatment.  Helmets save lives and prevent head injuries.  They should be worn for activities such as bicycling, skateboarding or skating on in-line skates.  Helmet wear is mandated for many organized sports, as are mouth guards.  It is important to wear an orthodontic mouth guard, even if not mandatory, in order to protect injury to the cheeks from the braces.

Here at Vermette Orthodontics, orthodontic mouth guards are provided.  We have different styles and colors, so make sure to ask for one at your next orthodontic adjustment if you think you might need one!  We work very hard to give our patients a beautiful, healthy smile, so it is VERY important to us to protect it!

Keep smiling!  Katie, Clinical Coordinator at Vermette Orthodontics