Our Newest Addition to the Office: The Itero Element Scanner

Offering the latest and best technology available to improve the quality, comfort and overall orthodontic experience to our patients is a top priority.

The Itero Element

What you can expect from this new device:

  • No more ooey gooey molds of your teeth that fill up your whole mouth and make you gag.
  • The wand is small and more comfortable for all of our patients.
  • With a scan capture time of 40-50 milliseconds, the iTero Element scanner is designed to capture 20 scans per second. This allows our patients to get in and out of their scheduled appointments a lot faster.
  • With just one click of the button, we can also send your scans off to the lab the same day so you can get your appliances 50% faster than before.
  • Integrates directly with Invisalign and we no longer need to have additional molds made for every phase of treatment as the teeth move.
  • We really love the iTero machine because it really empowers are patients to be more involved in the process as they can watch the 3D live scan come together.
  • The 3D live scanner is more accurate which allows us to deliver tighter fitting appliances.

If you find yourself face to face with this new device in our office, have no fears! Any one of our professionally trained staff will explain the procedure before performed and make sure you are comfortable the whole time.