Sports, Orthodontics & Protecting Your Smile

It seems like every day is National this or that day – and every month has been approved for something like that as well. Some of them are pretty silly, like Hoodi-Hoo Day or Festivus Day, but every now and then one comes along that reminds us of something important. Like this month; National Facial Protection Month. With Spring Sports in full swing and all the great summer activities we have in and around Concord, NH I thought this would be a good time to take a minute to talk about mouth guards.

Most sports enthusiasts have bags of sports equipment; helmets, pads, sticks with nets on the end, sticks that look like the letter “L”, gloves, special shoes and even special socks. You can fill the back of any family vehicle with all the stuff needed to play the game – whatever the game is. But do you know where your (or your child’s) mouth guard is? If you’re currently wearing braces, you should be wearing your mouth guard for any sports you play, except for swimming, golf and maybe croquet. Whatever your sport, it is a good idea to get into the habit of popping your guard into your mouth each and every time you go out to play.

Did you know that in addition to protecting your teeth and tongue, the mouth guard can protect your jaw and even prevent some head injuries. A study done by the University of Notre Dame resulted in mouth guards becoming mandatory for football (games and practice.)

Mouth guards for orthodontic patients are designed to “float” over the braces – and we strongly recommend that Vermette Orthodontics patients wear one when active. It’s just one of the things we can do to help you protect the investment you’re making in your healthy smile. If you’re already done with treatment and involved in any sport or activity where a custom mouth guard is a good idea, ask your dentist for a custom fitting.