Starting the New Year

We’re starting the new year right at Vermette Orthodontics in Concord, NH.

Wow,Starting the New Year are we excited for 2016! We are proud to announce that Dr. Vermette has recently completed advanced training in Orthodontic research.  So, not only is he the Concord area’s only board certified orthodontist, but one of only a select few of the country’s orthodontists registered as a participant in the National Dental Practice Based Research Network.   Currently, Dr. Vermette is gathering data that is being analyzed and will be published concerning the treatment of “anterior open bites” (where the teeth in the front of your mouth do not touch properly) which may cause certain problems with chewing, and premature tooth wear of the back teeth.   Next time you are in the office, ask us about the latest techniques which may include Invisalign, clear or traditional braces to treat such problems.  We can also inform you about the latest research findings.  Also, don’t forget to check out our new website:

Thanks for starting the new year with us…keep smiling!