Why Summer is The Best Time to Get Braces!

Summer brings to mind many images of fun travel plans, lazy days by the lake, and being free from the demands of your daily routines. You know what else summer is great for……..finally getting those braces you have been putting off!  We fully support your cause and would never want to diminish those fun summer plans but, if getting braces or Invisalign is one of those items on your “To Do List” that you haven’t quite committed to yet, Summer is the BEST time! Below, we have listed the reasons why we recommend getting your braces over the summer or at least seeing an Orthodontist for a free consultation.

Why Summer?

Calendars are easier to coordinate.

School is out and calendars are a lot easier to coordinate. Especially for those longer appointments when you first get your braces on. Just like any other business, Orthodontists are usually only open during the week and summer is the perfect time to schedule any follow up appointments or call for any questions.

Adjusting to new eating habits is easier.

Depending on treatment, everyone acclimates to their new appliances at different rates and prefers eating different foods. Once you’ve had time to adjust to your new eating habits and fill your fridge with braces friendly foods, choosing your meals will go a lot smoother. This transition is made easier if you have the time to try foods and not rush through the lunch hour.

For braces friendly foods, see our Easter blog on what you can eat this summer by clicking the following link: Eat Your Heart Out on Easter.

Proper cleaning routines are developed.

There’s nothing worse than having a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth and going about your day with no one saying anything to you. Imagine having five pieces of spinach riddled throughout your mouth, knowing it is there, and not being able to do anything about it. You can sit there and pick at it with your tongue all day but that may be more embarrassing. Over the summer, you have time to really figure out what works best and become a pro at proper cleaning techniques. Our “Christmas tree” flossers are one of the favorite tools among our patients.

Fun summer color combinations.

Just because you have braces, doesn’t mean you need to shy away from the camera. Sport your new grill and get fun color combinations to match the color you wear the most, upcoming holidays, your mood…

To check out some fun color combinations, we found an awesome website with holiday, girls, boys, and even superhero combinations. Check them out here: https://ebraces.org/choose-braces-colors/ . Here’s an example of some of the combinations:

If you are not feeling particularly bold, there are always neutral colors to choose from. The choice is always yours!

That’s why summer!

We hope we have convinced you to forego some of those couch potato plans and get a jumpstart on the inevitability of starting your journey to a straighter smile! You probably still have questions and we’re here to help. If you haven’t seen an Orthodontist, there’s no need for a referral, just come on in and you’ll get an exam free of charge with Dr. Vermette.

Enjoy your summer!