What You Should Know About Direct-To-Consumer Orthodontic Companies

Direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies make it seem easy to treat yourself at home.  Many of them just ask you to send in a selfie and/or impression of your teeth or for some, get your teeth scanned at a designated facility and then they will send you your aligners in the mail.  Dr. Michael Vermette asks you to consider the following questions when researching these companies:

Will your treatment include comprehensive diagnostic records like x-rays taken before your treatment?

You should make sure that it does!  X-rays and clinical photographs are necessary in order to provide a comprehensive diagnosis.  Are you willing to go through a treatment process without a proper diagnosis?

Will you be assigned a board-certified orthodontist who will oversee you treatment?

It is important to be monitored by an orthodontist, more importantly a board-certified orthodontist, to avoid any problems during treatment.  How will you know if teeth are moving properly?  What happens if there is an emergency during treatment?

Does the company offer different treatment options?

Every person’s needs are different and if a company only offers aligners and that isn’t going to give you the best results possible, then you are not going to have a positive experience.  You could end up paying almost double if you then have to seek further treatment from an orthodontist to achieve the results you were hoping for.

Orthodontic treatment should not be taken lightly.  Don’t go into it without the right knowledge. Call Vermette Orthodontics today for an in-person, complimentary evaluation to have all your questions answered and find out what the best form of treatment would be for you!