Whiter, Brighter Teeth Without the Bleach

Here at Vermette Orthodontics, one of the first questions we get asked after removing a patient’s braces or at the completion of their invisalign treatment is, “What do you recommend for whiter teeth?”.  While there are several in office and over the counter whitening products, we thought we’d talk about something a little more out of the box that is fun and less expensive.

Here are some tips from makeup artists that will make your teeth look whiter in an instant:

#1. Brighten up your pout- Bold lipstick shades with blue undertones like bright reds and berry shades will counteract traces of yellow on your teeth.

#2. Embrace that bronzer- Creating a contrast in the color of your skin will make your teeth appear brighter.  Be careful though, go too orange and your teeth will look just as orange!  Stick to a soft veil of taupe-toned bronzer to lift your teeth to a brighter shade.

#3. Highlight the curves of your mouth- Use a concealer or a highlighting pencil to better define and accentuate your lips to make them appear fuller.  Pair that with a bold lip color to really make those pearly whites pop!

#4. Make it all about the eyes- Surprisingly, making your eyes your focal point can enhance your smile.  Reach for cool-toned colors to help deflect any yellow tones.  Purple, blue and silver eyeshadows will brighten your smile through the winter months, while green and turquoise shadows work well when spring calls for brighter hues.

#5. Ditch your gold-toned gloss- Similar to the way cooler hues in lipsticks help to enhance your pearly whites, the flecks of shimmer in your lipgloss follows a similar rule.  Ditch any glosses that lend a hint of gold or bronze-toned glitter, opting instead for silver shimmer that offers a sparkly smile.

We realize of course that these tips will not come in handy for our male patients!  So remember, nothing beats a healthy diet, good oral hygiene, and routine dental visits.